Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Product Pictures

Our chalkboard has finally, (officially), been put to use.

Last week, Lauren and I spent the entire day creating exciting chalk displays for our hand-stitched Fantasy bow collection. We both forgot how much fun drawing with chalk can be, (and how frustrating too!)

Star Wars R2D2 Bow:
This two-toned bow features everyone's favorite droid. Honestly, he is my favorite character in the entire series. I can't even count how many times R2 saved the day. Plus, the noise he makes when he, I guess for a lack of a better word, screams, is hilarious. (Lauren's note: R2 screaming is LITERALLY the only parts of the entire series that my brother will watch. It's THAT important)

I really love the way C3PO came to life. By the time we finished shading him, I was practically squealing with how great this chalk rendition came out.

The chalkboard even makes a great background for the close-up, detailed pictures. Lucky for us, we took these pictures on the one sunny day last week so we had plenty of natural sunlight.

The chalkboard also doubles as a backdrop for when we display the bows in our hair.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Bow:
The Hunger Games has held a close place to our hearts ever since Lauren discovered it in one of her English classes. It got to a point that I loved the series so much, I refused to read the last book, this way it wouldn't end, leaving Lauren without someone to talk about the ending with for way too long. So it was only a matter of time until this bow was visualized.

After creating our District-themed shirts for the first movie premiere, we were rather skilled at those emblems. But no one really knows how difficult it is to fit block letters in a small space, until you actually have to do it. I think Lauren erased "Hunger" at least 4 times before it fit correctly (Lauren's note: "frustrating" is an apt description).

The red satin in this close up really pops!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Bow:
I am not joking when I saw I am a huge HP fan. Lauren too. We're border-line fanatics. This is what we did for the last two movie premieres:

<-- Hermoine and Luna 

Fawkes and Hedwig -->

With that said, Harry Potter themed items have been on our list of things to make since we started this shop. The deathly hallows bow is only the first of many HP inspired items.

Now's a good time to talk about how difficult it was to physically take these pictures of my head. After trying about 10 different ideas (me holding the board behind my head, placing it on the windowsill, putting it on top of boxes on the windowsill, etc,etc,), Lauren finally thought to place it on the piano and having me kneel in front of it.

Game of Thrones House Stark Bow:
One of our newest nerd obsessions is Game of Thrones. We'd like to eventually make bows for all of our favorite houses: Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon.

Out of all the displays we had to make, this one gave us the most creative trouble. We had no idea what to draw that says "Stark". Everything we could think of wasn't specific to the house: an Other, the Wall, swords, a certain Stark's head... All we could think of was Winterfell, and that just wasn't feasible. Hence, the Iron Throne. Too bad the board is so monochromatic, but hey, these are dark times in Winterfell. 

Doctor Who TARDIS Bow:
Our fascination with Doctor Who has grown exponentially since last spring when we "discovered" it. Or other friend Lauren kept talking about it, and we'd see so much about it all over the internet, it was really only a matter of time before we watched it too (Lauren's note: Community's brilliant "Inspector Spacetime" definitely contributed to our Whovian-ism). I think the only thing that stopped us for so long was knowing there were 6 seasons worth of videos to go through. But within watching ten minutes of the first episode, I was hooked. 

Unfortunately, you can't tell in these pictures, but the blue satin has sparkles embedded on top. It looks amazing in person. 

These are only the start of what you can expect to see in the shop. We have big plans for all of our Disney clips too!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handmade Chalkboard!

Ziggy's Piggies is going through a little bit of a make-over. We weren't thrilled with how our pictures were coming out, so we started to think. The two of us thinking is a dangerous scenario of explosion. In the case with these pictures it went something like this:

Let's take some new pictures, make the shop look professional.
I agree, we can look like one of those fancy stores.
WHAT IF! we used twigs and flowers to make it "fancier".
No, no no, what if we placed them on a plain white background.
No, too boring. Oh my gosh. What if we had a chalkboard...
and we use that chalkboard as our background....
and we draw objects appropriate for the movie...
and we write the title in the movies font...
Let's make a TWO-SIDED chalkboard!!

This idea-explosion lead us to the dreaded Home Depot. Actually, I don't mind it so much. As a kid, Dad took me there so much I guess I became desensitized to it or something. Lauren however, had to be bribed in order to set foot in that place. At 23, the allure of having our own chalkboard was the only thing that made her step through those doors. 

Did you ever have the experience of imagining something in your mind so perfectly but when you try to find it in a store, it just doesn't seem to exist? Or worse--you'll find that exact item months after you needed it. As we made our way to the lumber section, it was like some unseen force was guiding us directly where we needed to be. Right in the center of the aisle stood a knee-high selection of 2x2 plywood and it was calling our names. This was exactly what we pictured.

Side A: Painters tape is a marvelous tool.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etsy shop is open for business

Here's a bit of a back story...
At the start of the summer, Lauren and I decided that we wanted to be much more crafty. She learned how to embroider things and I followed suit; and because you can only make so many projects to keep for yourself, we made gifts for each other. 

Already knowing her response, I asked Lauren what she would want as a hair clip. She says, "A mermaid!" And I'm thinking to myself, "Great, how in the world am I going to pull this off." This was the end result. 

I was extremely proud of it at the time, and more importantly, Lauren was thrilled with it. I thought that would be the last time I would have to configure a mermaid hair clip; boy was I wrong.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the 5th Annual "You Lose Night"

*I started this post almost one full year ago. It's about time I finish this thing*

Every year our high school has this large fundraising event known as The Card Party. Also known as a Tricky Tray, Chinese Auction and other variations on the theme. Upon graduating (and subsequently, becoming old enough to gamble) Lauren and I have attended this card party religiously. (It's a Catholic school; see what I did there.) I'm not really sure what draws us to this event every year, other than tradition, because with out a doubt we lose every single item we bid on. EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

This lead us to experimentation. With both of us being scientists, it felt natural that we'd create a new hypothesis each year to test our ability to lose. Previous failed hypothesises include:
  1. "Those who drink a lot win". Although that theory seemed to hold up for the tables around us, no amount of wine lead us to winning any prizes.
  2. "Those who "WOOOO!!" very loudly win". In hindsight, these were probably also the people who drank a lot.
  3. "Put tickets in the baskets that we want the least". We were hoping that sheer bad luck would lead us to win something, anything, even if it was horrendous. 
This year's theory: We pick one prize that we want the most and put every single ticket in that basket; and that item was a karaoke machine. By pooling our raffle tickets together, we managed to put close to 70 tickets towards the machine. Seventy. After doing some quick, and slightly inaccurate statistics, we concluded that we had a one-fourth chance of actually winning this year.

We did not win.

Pictures from past card party experiences after the jump.