Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etsy shop is open for business

Here's a bit of a back story...
At the start of the summer, Lauren and I decided that we wanted to be much more crafty. She learned how to embroider things and I followed suit; and because you can only make so many projects to keep for yourself, we made gifts for each other. 

Already knowing her response, I asked Lauren what she would want as a hair clip. She says, "A mermaid!" And I'm thinking to myself, "Great, how in the world am I going to pull this off." This was the end result. 

I was extremely proud of it at the time, and more importantly, Lauren was thrilled with it. I thought that would be the last time I would have to configure a mermaid hair clip; boy was I wrong.

This brings our little story to our trip to Boston. Lauren and I, along with another friend also named Lauren, went to Boston for a conference on linguistics. Yes, I know, linguistics is not the most fascinating facet of learning, but gosh darn it, we wanted to present the research that we slaved over for a year. Plus, we really wanted a mini-vacation. 

Noelle, Lauren & Lauren in Boston.
The day after the conference, we explored Boston and found this adorable coffee shop. So we're sitting, and talking, and drinking delicious holiday flavored coffee, when all of sudden a little girl and her mother walk up to us. The mom mentioned how her daughter kept saying she saw Ariel, then proceeded to tell us how much her daughter loved the clip. Immediately after they left, both Lauren's insisted that I sell Disney-inspired hair clips. I said no.

They kept insisting that a small business would be a great idea, that there would be a large market for the hair clips that I make. I kept telling them no because I was afraid that it would be a failure. But they were persistent, and with mermaid-clip-Lauren's help, Ziggy's Piggies was born.

Although we officially opened our shop at the end of November, we're still in the process of starting our shop. Our ideas for future clip and bow designs have been exploding in our collective mind (being best friends for 10 years has melded our brains into one super-brain). You can look forward to brighter, more detailed pictures created on our hand-made chalkboard; embroidered bows that encompass various fandoms like Star Wars and Game of Thrones; and more fun patterned bows.

Our new shop banner. Created on a large home-made chalkboard. 

You can  check out the store right now: to the store! 

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