Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handmade Chalkboard!

Ziggy's Piggies is going through a little bit of a make-over. We weren't thrilled with how our pictures were coming out, so we started to think. The two of us thinking is a dangerous scenario of explosion. In the case with these pictures it went something like this:

Let's take some new pictures, make the shop look professional.
I agree, we can look like one of those fancy stores.
WHAT IF! we used twigs and flowers to make it "fancier".
No, no no, what if we placed them on a plain white background.
No, too boring. Oh my gosh. What if we had a chalkboard...
and we use that chalkboard as our background....
and we draw objects appropriate for the movie...
and we write the title in the movies font...
Let's make a TWO-SIDED chalkboard!!

This idea-explosion lead us to the dreaded Home Depot. Actually, I don't mind it so much. As a kid, Dad took me there so much I guess I became desensitized to it or something. Lauren however, had to be bribed in order to set foot in that place. At 23, the allure of having our own chalkboard was the only thing that made her step through those doors. 

Did you ever have the experience of imagining something in your mind so perfectly but when you try to find it in a store, it just doesn't seem to exist? Or worse--you'll find that exact item months after you needed it. As we made our way to the lumber section, it was like some unseen force was guiding us directly where we needed to be. Right in the center of the aisle stood a knee-high selection of 2x2 plywood and it was calling our names. This was exactly what we pictured.

Side A: Painters tape is a marvelous tool.

White acrylic paint was added to the outside borders.

Adding chalkboard paint to the bottom gives us more options.


Side B: We painted the entire board with chaklboard paint,
used painter's tape for the sides, and free handed top and bottom

The finished product! Gold sparkle paint helps to make
 this the fancy side

Now that our double-sided chalkboard is complete, we can start the next journey of re-taking all our pictures. Wish us luck!


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