Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the 5th Annual "You Lose Night"

*I started this post almost one full year ago. It's about time I finish this thing*

Every year our high school has this large fundraising event known as The Card Party. Also known as a Tricky Tray, Chinese Auction and other variations on the theme. Upon graduating (and subsequently, becoming old enough to gamble) Lauren and I have attended this card party religiously. (It's a Catholic school; see what I did there.) I'm not really sure what draws us to this event every year, other than tradition, because with out a doubt we lose every single item we bid on. EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

This lead us to experimentation. With both of us being scientists, it felt natural that we'd create a new hypothesis each year to test our ability to lose. Previous failed hypothesises include:
  1. "Those who drink a lot win". Although that theory seemed to hold up for the tables around us, no amount of wine lead us to winning any prizes.
  2. "Those who "WOOOO!!" very loudly win". In hindsight, these were probably also the people who drank a lot.
  3. "Put tickets in the baskets that we want the least". We were hoping that sheer bad luck would lead us to win something, anything, even if it was horrendous. 
This year's theory: We pick one prize that we want the most and put every single ticket in that basket; and that item was a karaoke machine. By pooling our raffle tickets together, we managed to put close to 70 tickets towards the machine. Seventy. After doing some quick, and slightly inaccurate statistics, we concluded that we had a one-fourth chance of actually winning this year.

We did not win.

Pictures from past card party experiences after the jump.

Memories from card party's past

winter 2009

The theme that year was diamonds,
so we dressed as princesses, sort of.

We want to stir up some trouble,
but what should we do?
Steal the diamonds!

winter 2010

The theme was Africa, or jungle or something. 
It was also the year that we drank a lot. 

The accidental, slightly blurry, best picture from the night.

We roam the school during intermission.
I quickly snuck into the Little Theater.
Yes, I am sitting on the sink.
Creepy mannequin is always creepy.
The obligatory bathroom mirror shot.

winter 2011

Beach theme! Hence, the hats.
That year, our school roaming took us
downstairs near the locker rooms.


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