Saturday, February 23, 2013

When You Wish Upon a Pig

It's previously been established that Lauren and I attend our high school's Tricky Tray every year with a crazy scheme on how to win, mixed with a large amount of pessimism. For this year, we thought we'd try the hypothesis: "If you have a lucky talisman, you will win". Unfortunately, neither of us owns anything especially "lucky", so we brought the next best thing, a stuffed pig. His name is Piggy, since we are nothing if not literal.

We were extremely hopeful that Piggy would bring us good luck. It just seemed appropriate: The theme was "Down on the farm"...pig. Our shop name is "Ziggy's Piggies"....pig. Our term of endearment towards each other is "ham"...PIG. The giant balloon on our table was even a pig. If we were ever going to win, this was the year. 

Lauren and I were actually excited to attend the Tricky Tray this year, even with our massive losing streak from year's past,  because we donated two baskets full of ZigPig items. What we went through to assembled these baskets is a story on it's own. 

Fantasy Bows: R2D2, TARDIS, Deathly Hallows, House Stark, Mockingjay
Disney Basket: Princess Hair clips and Villain Pins

The night started like it did every other year: We chose which basket to bet on, ate a bunch of food, then sat around for hours until the tickets were picked. One thing was different: Piggy. We were rubbing that pig's belly like he was a baby Buddah, which in turn, caused our Moms and friends at the table to shake their heads at our sincere, but determined, ridiculousness. Everything changed though when my number was called for basket number 30, since now everyone else wanted a piece of Piggy too.

After 5 years of never winning a basket, I finally got to WOOOOO in earnest. Best part, it's full of craft supplies and scrapbooking materials.
The rest of the night, true to form, was a big loser for the two of us. While our table did moderately well (we had some other winners), we grew more and more despondent as our chances of winning some more prize baskets dwindled away. Arguably, the best part of the night was seeing our baskets won off to some lucky people. There were times when we both got a little teary-eyed as we bid our baskets away with heartfelt "goodbyes", a la Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz".

So, while this year's Tricky Tray wasn't all that much different from years past, it was still a lot of fun to see our hard work on display for others to enjoy. It certainly got us excited to start branching out into craft shows, where we can really show off what we do! Until next year, BGA Tricky Tray, where the options to lose are limitless...


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