Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chalkboard Art

We're always trying to think of new ways to improve our product pictures, whether it's with better lighting, editing, or backgrounds. Compared to our very first photos, I think we're already doing better. But there's always room to grow.


Those two pictures are from November when we opened our shop. They're OK... but that's about it. We wanted to make a powerful first impression. That's where the homemade chalkboard came into play. If you don't remember, we made our own chalkboard out of a hunk of wood from Home Depot (  This board is currently serving as the backdrop for a majority of our items; but not for long.

You see, although we put a lot of work into making the chalk displays, and we loved the way they turned out, we realized this probably wasn't the best idea. It took us about one full hour to make the more intricate of scenes. If we ever needed to recreate a picture it would be a pretty daunting task. Plus, it's really hard adding details with stubby pieces of chalk. Then there's the fact that the actual items are dwarfed by the size of the board, and that makes it hard to see our clips in detail in the Etsy listings.

All of this lead us to develop a better display system: paintings. Playing off the idea of the chalkboard scenes (which we loved), we took smaller pieces of wood and painted specific scenes for each item. The artwork is still being finished but it won't be long now before the chalkboard pictures get put to rest. That is why I wanted to write this post; to have a place to show off all the hard work we put into those displays.

First, here's a sneak peak of what the new items will look like:


Chalkboard art is after the jump

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