Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Fair Baby

I have a friend named Jillian. She and I used to work together as camp counselors at our local YMCA.

                                                            We'd take pictures like this...

We'd do things like this...

That was almost five years ago. Since then, we both left the Y and went to separate colleges; naturally, we lost touch with one another. But a few months ago we both attended a retirement party for our old supervisor and got to talking again. I was immediately transported back in time five years. It felt like nothing had changed between us. Yet Jillian's life had changed drastically. 

Meet Charlotte, Jillian's beautiful baby girl.

Jillian's been documenting her experience as a new mommy (and wife!) on her blog, aptly named "My Fair Baby". Her last name is Fair... the blog is about her baby... get it? I think it's genius. I also think she's a brilliant writer. She must be brilliant since I'm constantly reading her blog even though I am currently baby-less and plan to stay that way for quite some time. Plus, she's recently been expanding the focus of blog to include her life stories and relationship advice.

So give her a chance!
Read her blog.
Like her facebook page.
If you're really not interested, then spread the word to someone who would be.

For your viewing pleasure, he is a small sampling of what we did after work one day.


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