Monday, June 24, 2013

Tournament of Stars

Noelle is a member of a drum & bugle corps called the Bayonne Bridgemen. Over the course of our best friendship, I've become a pretty big Bridgemen supporter, going to events and dinners, but mostly their famous Tournament of Stars Exhibition in Bayonne, New Jersey. Ask anyone from Bayonne and they'll tell you--it's a pretty big deal.

ToS 2008

Each year drum corps from all over come to good old Bayonne to show off their impressive field shows and take in some excellent music. This year, Noelle & I decided to incorporate some Ziggy's Piggies into the festivities. We decided to make custom Bridgemen hair clips & pins to show our support of the Bananas. Let me tell you, making these clips/pins was no easy task.

Since the tournament easily attracts 300+ people, we decided that we would have to make a pretty large amount of product to match the volume. This mass-stitching project of ours couldn't have come at a busier time: Noelle was working as a medical intern from 9-5 everyday for the month of June & I was taking a summer class in learning & behavior modification over the month of June. So obviously, we were setting ourselves up for a challenging month. Originally, we had set out to make 100 clips and pins total, which turned out to be a very ambitious goal. Realistically, we made 49, and let me tell you, mass production is a difficult feat. I'm IMPRESSED with what we produced for ToS.

Proud Shop Owners

Now, I myself am a veteran of high school marching band. I did it all four years and was even the drum major my senior year--it's suffice to say that I know the sport of marching and playing an instrument. When I tell you that the performance that the corps put on last night was stellar, I am not exaggerating one bit. Every musician and guard member did a FANTASTIC job, and it was a blast to hear them play! The Bridgemen did a great job, and I was so happy to get to support a group of very talented individuals.

 2013 Bayonne Bridgemen
Noelle Ready to Go!*

Noelle & I were extremely proud to see our hard work on display, and even made some sales. We were very grateful to the Bridgemen organization to allow us to share some of their table space, and as thanks we have donated $1 from every purchase back to the corp. Great job everyone, I can't wait for next year!

Not much has changed in 5 years

This is the video of the Bridgemen's complete performance that is circling around facebook. Thank you to whoever recorded it. 

*Photo credit of Noelle's close up goes to: John Nadrowski,

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