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There's a mermaid in her hair...

Ziggy’s Piggies represents a genius collaborative effort between two best friends. It all started when Noelle decided to make hair clips for a few friends, and after asking Lauren what she wanted, she unsurprisingly responded with “mermaid!” She didn’t think that Noelle would really attempt to make her a mermaid, but a few days later, that’s exactly what she got.

A few weeks later, Lauren wore that very same clip while she, Noelle, and Lauren (yes, there are two) were in Boston. While sitting outside a charming coffee shop, a little girl was transfixed on the Ariel in Lauren’s hair. The little girl and her mother came over to us and told us how much her daughter loved Noelle’s Little Mermaid hair clip. After they left, the Laurens insisted that Noelle start selling these cute clips. She said no, but they persisted, and Ziggy’s Piggies was born.

After finally deciding to open the shop, choosing a store name was the next big battle. Ultimately, the name was a beautiful accident. Noelle was asking Lauren for advice through text message when Lauren's responses became a bit jumbled, and Ziggy's Piggies was created. In the end, our name pays homage to Noelle's cat, Ziggy, and our intense love of pigs.


Forever a student, I'm breaking my way into the medical field, slowly but surely. I am a true child at heart, bibliophile, fantasy lover and science geek. If I wasn't pursuing a life of science, I'd most likely be living the life of a starving artist. I truly believe that our creations are tiny wearable works of art.


Padawan to Noelle's apprenticeship, I joined Ziggy's Piggies because I too have a passion for creating quirky homemade accessories. I always found that I've wanted to take the stories that I love with me everywhere I go, and well now I can! I'm currently working towards a PhD in counseling psychology and working as a therapist on the side, but when I'm not immersed in the mental health field, I'm always looking for new creative ventures to become obsessed with!

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